My Triangle, our long-lived and much-loved column, is a profile of a local person, or couple, or sometimes even a family. We’ve gone through the archives to present them all here – stories of our neighbours, friends, families, customers, storekeepers … we hope you enjoy them anew.

Peter Lacey recollects the South Coast

My Triangle 2017.07

Have you seen the two issues of Recollections? These publications on the history of the NSW south coast have caused quite a stir. The founder of the NSW South Coast History Society and creator of Recollections is Peter Lacey, who has been interested in history since high school, when he was inspired by his teacher to enquire upon the past.

Peter entered Macquarie University in 1967, the very first year its doors … Read more »

Di Manning: soprano, lobbyist, wanderer, photographer

My Triangle 2017.05

Perhaps it was her upbringing, the daughter of an Anglican minister moving from parish to parish, a lifestyle perhaps strengthened by touring and living in the USA, but from the beginning, Di Manning has always travelled. Never in one place for long, and with around forty residences under her belt, Di has seen a fair bit of the world and contributed to it all along the way.

Her mum insisted that … Read more »

Through the lens: images of Pearl Corkhill (1887-1985)

My Triangle 2017.02

William Henry Corkhill (1846-1936) took evident delight in photographing his family at their property, “Marengo”, in Tilba Tilba. His three children, Edith, Pearl (her first name was Elizabeth but she was known by her second) and Norman, with assorted pets, feature prominently as subjects, his wife Frances née Bate less so. The heritage of the Triangle region is infinitely indebted to both the father and his daughter, Pearl, for the unique photographic … Read more »

Merryn Carey: Naturally Gifted

My Triangle 2014.09

It seems natural that Merryn Carey would eventually choose horticulture as a career path. She spent her youth collectingbunches of wildflowers in a National Park close to home, traversing the valleys, hills, caves and creeks and admiring thenaturally occurring rock and sandstone formations. A vivid appreciation of all these elements and how they work together, plus her formal qualifications (Degree in Horticulture and Masters in Environmental Health), would later influence herstyle as a landscaper. Most of … Read more »

Evelyn Robertson, HSC student

My Triangle 2011.12

Where in the Triangle do you live?

Wandella, at the end of a really long driveway.


How long have you been there?

Since August 2000.


Where did you live before that?

We lived at Israels Rd, on the border between Quaama and Brogo.


What do you do with your time?

At the moment I spend my time studying for exams and I work at a pizza bar in Bega. As a job it’s pretty good … Read more »

Marge Shipton, Cobargo

My Triangle 2009.08

‘Have you had your lunch?’ Marge Shipton greeted me as I turned up to talk about her life spent dairying in the Triangle. Born in Cobargo at the home of Midwife Nurse Hadget in the early 1930s, Marge was the third child to Robert and Margaret (Hyland) Blacka. Raised on a dairy farm at Quaama and later on Tarlinton’s farm “Cadjancarry” in Verona, Marge and her two older brothers helped with the hand milking.

In 1949 Marge’s father … Read more »