Tomato Chutney

Linda Sang

A recipe I’ve used for years made more delicious if one is fortunate enough to harvest one’s own tomatoes or buy somebody’s hard work. Or even buy them from a supermarket – it’s all happening right now with tomatoes. This chutney is great with anything – tasty and zingy.

5 kg ripe tomatoes, peeled, deseeded
and drained the night before 
(method below)
7 diced onions – chopped by … Read more »

Rhubarb Ginger Chutney

from Cobargo School

This week in Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, the students celebrated their amazing achievement of winning the Cobargo Show’s Junior Champion and First Place for the Jams and Preserves Section (under 12 years) for their delicious rhubarb and ginger chutney.

What a wonderful way to start off a brand new year of learning in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program! All students had a picnic with some crackers … Read more »

Lemon Pickle

Curry Bunga

6 lemons (use yellow lemons with thin skin, never use lemons with thick skin)

2 tbsp red chili powder
1 tbsp black salt
½ cup sugar
¾ cup water

Wash lemons really well. Cut each into 8 wedges and try to remove as many seeds as possible.
Put the lemon pieces in a heavy-based pot. Add red chili powder, black salt and sugar. Mix well, add water and cover the pot with … Read more »

Tanmaya’s Lemon or Lime Indian Oil Pickle (madly authentic)

12 – 15 lemons or limes that have been quartered, salted, sprinkled with chillies and dried in the sun (heat) for 3 days
50 red or green chillies
Cooking salt
2½ cups malt vinegar
2 tablespoons fenugreek seeds
½ cup chopped fresh ginger
½ cup peeled garlic cloves
½ cup ground cumin
½ cup ground coriander
5 cups mustard oil
2 tablespoons black mustard seeds
2 tablespoons … Read more »

Lemon Butter

Georgina Adamson

There are still plenty of lemons around so make sure you put away some jars of lemon butter for delicious desserts: a filling for a sponge or tart, in a cheesecake, or simply over ice cream. Here’s my basic recipe for Lemon Butter (or curd).

1. Melt 250g unsalted butter in a large heat-proof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water.

2. Add 3 cups sugar and stir till the sugar is dissolved.

3. … Read more »

Blood Plum Sauce

Linda Sang

250g         ripe blood plums
2/3 cup    fish sauce
6                whole star anise.
2                cinnamon quills
1/3 cup     lime juice

Bring 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar to the boil, turn to low heat for 5 minutes until slightly reduced. Add plums, fish sauce, and spices. Simmer for 1 minute or so then stir in lime juice.
I like to make at least double the recipe. Better still, make lots and bottle it for gifts. I use this sauce with a Chinese BBQ … Read more »