Robbie Hart  – 20 years of miracles

Georgina Adamson

I chanced on Robbie Hart late one quiet afternoon outside her salon, Miracles by the Sea, watering her little bit of vertical garden. She proudly told me that it was the twenty-year anniversary of Miracles offering hair-care services to the community. That’s a lot of heads.

Robbie has always maintained a gentle, quiet but important presence in the community. She is well and truly a local – a fourth generation member of the McVeity family, starting life on … Read more »

Eva Mosler-Teichmann

From the Gold Coast to the South Coast

Chartered accountant, Eva Mosler-Teichmann, drove an old Hyundai Getz from the Gold Coast to her new home at Bermagui back in April. The little car was packed with computers, boxes and the dog.

‘The Getz went really well until we got to the traffic lights in Moruya and then she just stopped. I was thinking we’d make it no worries, then I’m asking people for a push. Thanks to the NRMA … Read more »

Amrei’s new Bikram yoga studio is open

by Linda Sang

Before the fires swept away part of Cobargo’s main street, if one were early enough one might have seen a motley group of people dressed in shorts and sweatshirts milling around the entrance of the Bikram yoga studio where yoga is practised at
39˚ C. Or, if it were a Saturday morning, some could be seen, still in inappropriate clothing, buying something sweet as a treat from the Baking Buddies stall a couple of doors up. … Read more »

Farewell to David Francis

David’s open warmth and enthusiasm will be sadly missed by those who have known and worked with him in the musical sphere of the region, particularly with Four Winds, over the past five years.
He and partner Paul and their two well-known whippets, Dexter and Bailey, are leaving Bermagui and heading north, not too far, to Wollongong where David is taking up a new challenge as CEO of Wollongong Conservatorium.
David and Paul like to be … Read more »

Stuart Cameron, weed warrior

Georgina Adamson

Stuart Cameron is an imposing figure of a man, softly spoken and not seen much around town but more likely to be found on a beach or in a piece of coastal bushland doing what he loves best – learning about and caring for the flora of our coastal region. ‘Gardening’ the natural environment requires as much work as any garden to keep it healthy and thriving and free of weeds.
He has learnt a lot since he started … Read more »

Hope from The Crossing

Sharyn Munro

This December was my first visit back to Bermagui and the south coast since last summer’s bushfires. My mid-north coast had suffered too, I knew the strain of daily fire alerts, evacuations, smoke instead of air, skies that were only shades of brown, and the sound of sirens and helicopters. But down here it seemed even more dramatic, with more villages severely impacted—nobody could ever forget those Mallacoota beach images—and the drive down the highway showed how vast … Read more »