Going Potty

Keith Mundy   

With the ever-increasing use of our outdoor spaces, the use of pots as a solution for growing plants is becoming far greater than in previous times, and the opportunity is right to offer some hints on how to successfully manage this form of gardening.

Probably the most important initial issue is to decide what do you want the pots and the plants to achieve? Are they to be used for growing … Read more »

Trees – a shady subject

Keith Mundy

A subject in the press and on the minds of many concerned people worldwide is global warming and how we can assist in attempting to solving this very serious problem.

The planting of trees will go a long way to addressing the problem. Trees are one of the most important components of any landscape as they provide protection from the elements, add structure to a garden and provide habitat for wildlife.

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Stepping into spring

Keith Mundy

With spring now with us I thought it opportune to discuss some issues that are most relevant to this period in the gardening calendar. Plants expend an enormous amount of energy in spring doing their things, like flowering and developing their fruit, or extending their size through new growth. Now is the time to help them along with some additional nutrients.

There are … Read more »

Perennial delights       

Keith Mundy

As we draw closer to summer, thought should be given to plants that will brighten up your summer garden with amazing flower colours, shape of flowers and size of plant for that special area. Two of the most popular groups of plants with these attributes are the salvia and lavender groups.

Salvia with their extraordinary diversity of colour and habit: with over 1800 species alone, without the new varieties added every year, Salvias are truly a gardener’s … Read more »

Berry delicious

Keith Mundy

Often overlooked when selecting food plants for the garden is the extensive range of berries that are available in the marketplace for the home gardener. Always available during the winter period as bare-root plants but more varieties are now being made available as plants in pots with well-established roots and can be planted, near enough, all year around.

Although some can take up a fair bit of room in the garden it is best to select a site where … Read more »

Spring – the time is right

Keith Mundy

With spring now with us, I thought it opportune to discuss some issues that are relevant to this period in the gardening calendar.

Plants expend an enormous amount of energy in spring doing what they do, like flowering and fruiting or extending their size through new growth and now is the time to help them along with some additional nutrients.

There are some fertilisers that can be applied to nearly all plants, like blood and bone, but these don’t have all the nutrients available that are specifically required by … Read more »