We’re a community newspaper and welcome local stories and photos from our readers. They make The Triangle our very own.

A few things to consider when submitting your stories:

  1. Please do not exceed 300 words, except by prior arrangement. Also, think about a possible headline.
  2. Photos should be sent as JPG attachments – not embedded in the story. Please send original digital photos as large as possible, at least 1 megabyte in size, and include a detailed caption at the bottom of your story.
  3. Please don’t send posters or flyers as we can’t use them. Instead, write a paragraph or two about the event, and be sure to include the date, time, and venue, and a suitable photo if available.
  4. Send stories to contributions@thetriangle.org.au before the 22nd of the month prior to publication.

Guidelines for poets

  1. Please understand that The Triangle is not a specialist poetry publication.
  2. Poems should be sent in MS Word, not a pdf or jpg and not a screenshot or photograph.
  3. Poems should be presented as the poet wants to see it on the page.
  4. It would be helpful if poems contributed to The Triangle have reasonably uniform line lengths that would fit into one of our standard columns – paper and printing are two of our greatest expenses every month so we try to be economical with our layout.
  5. Poems will usually be given a box or border to differentiate them from other text on the same page.
  6. If a poem requires editorial attention, it will be returned to the poet for approval before publication – this means that any poems should be sent well before the copy deadline.
  7. Preference will be given to poems of short to moderate length.
  8. Poems that require special layout consideration with particular typography such as different fonts, colours, overall shape (for example concrete or visual poetry) will not be considered.