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Whole roasted cauliflower

Angela Marshall

Mark Twain claimed that cauliflower was just cabbage with a college education but I think he’s pithy but wrong. We eat the leaves of a cabbage but the pre-flowering part of a cauliflower. Cauliflower is a quite distinctive vegetable and, if you’re relying on growing your own, it is a really good winter to early spring crop that doesn’t handle heat well. We grow and eat cabbage year round but, for us, cauliflower is a strictly seasonal vegetable and there … Read more »

Soft-boiled eggs with tender, fresh asparagus spears 

Angela Marshall

Because spring is here, the asparagus is just starting to appear and the chooks are outdoing themselves … so start the day with the healthiest of breakfast indulgences: Soft-boiled eggs with tender, fresh asparagus spears (for dipping into the eggs). No recipe needed because it’s all in the name! You can add a sprinkle of sea salt, some fresh ground black pepper (to your eggs), a squeeze of lemon juice and/or shaved parmesan (to your asparagus).

Cauliflower roasted with sultanas, pine nuts and saffron

Angela Marshall

(This is a Sicilian combination of flavours – great as a side dish but it’s also a terrific salad, maybe for a COVID-safe picnic?)

1 large cauliflower broken up into florets
2 tablespoons olive oil
½ cup (80 grams) pine nuts (last time I made it we were out of pine nuts so I used slivered almonds and the result was also excellent)
½ cup (60 grams) sultanas
2 garlic cloves, sliced finely
pinch of … Read more »

Berry delicious

Keith Mundy

Often overlooked when selecting food plants for the garden is the extensive range of berries that are available in the marketplace for the home gardener. Always available during the winter period as bare-root plants but more varieties are now being made available as plants in pots with well-established roots and can be planted, near enough, all year around.

Although some can take up a fair bit of room in the garden it is best to select a site where they … Read more »

The Labyrinth

Reviewed by Heather O’Connor

Amanda Lohrey

Text Publishing, $24.99

This is the winner of the 2021 Miles Franklin Award and currently shortlisted for The Age Book of the Year – a great reward for the 74-year old Tasmanian writer. It tells the story of a woman who moves to a small village on the south coast of NSW in order to be close to her son, recently sentenced to years in a local prison for homicidal … Read more »

Robbie Hart  – 20 years of miracles

Georgina Adamson

I chanced on Robbie Hart late one quiet afternoon outside her salon, Miracles by the Sea, watering her little bit of vertical garden. She proudly told me that it was the twenty-year anniversary of Miracles offering hair-care services to the community. That’s a lot of heads.

Robbie has always maintained a gentle, quiet but important presence in the community. She is well and truly a local – a fourth generation member of the McVeity family, starting life on … Read more »