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Eva Mosler-Teichmann

From the Gold Coast to the South Coast

Chartered accountant, Eva Mosler-Teichmann, drove an old Hyundai Getz from the Gold Coast to her new home at Bermagui back in April. The little car was packed with computers, boxes and the dog.

‘The Getz went really well until we got to the traffic lights in Moruya and then she just stopped. I was thinking we’d make it no worries, then I’m asking people for a push. Thanks to the NRMA … Read more »

Truffle pasta

Fiona Kotvojs 

(2 people)
2250 g pasta. Use only good quality pasta for this recipe.
25 g salt
Knob butter
½ clove garlic (don’t add lots or it overpowers the truffle)
Small pinch chilli flakes (don’t add lots or it overpowers the truffle)
Sea salt (optional)
6-10 g truffle in the recipe (can add an additional 2 – 3 g per person at table if you want)About ¼ cup cream … Read more »

Truffled Camembert

Fiona Kotvojs 

1 round of Camembert cheese
About 5 shaved/grated truffles


Unwrap the Camembert. Keep the wrapping paper. Slice the cheese in half on the horizontal. Put a layer of thin truffle slices or grated truffle on each piece of cheese. Leave some of the surface of the cheese exposed so the two halves will stick together again. Put the two halves together again. Wrap up again in the paper or use some greaseproof paper and … Read more »

Truffle-infused Parmesan cheese

Fiona Kotvojs 

Store the Parmesan and truffle in an airtight container together. 

Use the truffled Parmesan grated in and over a rissoto or pasta. The truffle flavour decreases once the truffle is removed from the container so use the Parmesan within a few days.

Truffle-infused eggs

Fiona Kotvojs 

Store fresh, clean eggs in the same jar as the truffles for two or three days. The aroma will infuse through the shell and produce truffle-flavoured eggs. Use the eggs as soon as you take them away from the truffle as the aroma is lost as it disperses out just as it infused in. 

Make into omelettes, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, frittata (grate a little more truffle over when serving for an extra truffle hit) or use in … Read more »

Shuggie Bain

Reviewed by Heather O’Connor
Douglas Stuart
Publisher: Pan Macmillan

This is the debut novel of a Scottish/American writer that was long-listed for the Booker Prize and has received rave reviews. It is set in Glasgow in the 1980s against the backdrop of mine and factory closures, as grim a story I have read as any set in Scotland and centred on the working class in Margaret Thatcher’s Britain. Agnes Bain, a former beauty who expected much of … Read more »