Birds and bees

This is a story about the birds and the bees. No, not that one, but one about our fine feathered friends and those helpful little pollinators and collectors of nectar that we often forget about in our gardens.

We, as gardeners, tend to overlook one of the most crucial elements of gardening when designing a space, and that is to provide food and habitat for birds and bees. In attracting bees to your garden, we must understand they do most … Read more »


Keith Mundy

As we head into summer, these months are a critical time in our gardens to get them through the hot and drier months.

Summer brings the usual tasks we all associate with it. And although these tasks can seem tiresome, they are most essential in the overall upkeep of our gardens.

As I write this column we have had no worthwhile rain and I fully understand that a lot of us are struggling with the decision to water or not to water. Long lived plants like our shade trees and hedges etc should take priority with … Read more »

Garden recovery after the fires

Keith Mundy

With the recent bushfire heavily impacting our lives, our homes and our gardens, I have been asked by many of our friends and customers how to help their gardens recover.

Although some might think there are more important things to do, remember that our gardens are our retreat when we need some time out, and it is crucial that we put them back to somewhere as close as they were, prior to the fires. … Read more »

Summer tips

Keith Mundy

Summer is with us again, and with it come the many tasks required to keep our gardens looking their best, and hopefully, this year, not as tragic as last summer.
Although we have had some amazing rain, and more forecast to come during the summer, there will still be a requirement to water the garden, whether garden beds, lawns, or pots.
Garden beds require a good soaking at least every 7-10 days using a sprinkler and not a handheld spray. Watering with a handheld spray is … Read more »

Mulching … a must

Keith Mundy

In my opinion as a horticulturist, nurseryman and gardener, mulching garden beds, whether shrub or vegetable, is one of the most beneficial tasks that you can undertake. The benefits are many, from weed suppression to moisture retention and, just as important, as an insulator against frost and heat.
There are many products available and the type we use depends on several factors.
Do you want the mulch to be a short or long term solution? The decision comes down to whether the garden or plant you are mulching is something like a vegetable or flower garden … Read more »

A citrus for all reasons

Keith Mundy

Citrus are presently one of the most popular categories of fruit trees available in nurseries. This is mainly due to the work that has been done in recent times to provide dwarf growing forms that are more suitable to pot culture or for our ever decreasing house block sizes.
We now have many varieties that are on much improved root stocks, which in turn give the plant a better ability to survive under many different climatic conditions and soil types.
In growing citrus … Read more »