Agatha Christie – an elusive woman

reviewed by Wendy Tucker

Lucy Worsley
Hodder and Stoughton

‘Give a Christie for Christmas’ was the publicity slogan for Christie’s publishers in the 1950s and again in 2022 many received a Christie for Christmas with this new, detailed, very readable and extremely sympathetic biography by Lucy Worsley. Worsley is a social historian and television presenter and a televised series, based on her book, is currently showing on the ABC. 

In 1961, UNESCO declared Christie … Read more »


Reviewed by Wendy Tucker

Lessons by Ian McEwan

This is Ian McEwan’s seventeenth novel and has become known as his pandemic novel and also his baby boomer novel (as much as I hate that term it is accurate here). Lessons is a meandering journey of a novel where McEwan returns to his beloved subject of the contemporary middle-class Englishman. And he does this so well.

We follow the … Read more »

Bodies of Light

Bodies of Light
by Jennifer Down

reviewed by Wendy Tucker

This novel won the 2022 Miles Franklin Award and was short listed for the Stella Prize. Bodies of Light was praised by reviewers and compared to A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and Douglas Stuart’s Shuggie Bain so I was excited to read it but aware that it may be confronting.  Maggie has escaped her life … Read more »

Cecile the Seal

by Christine McKnight

Reviewed by Georgina Adamson

This month, just for a change, we are reviewing a children’s book written by local author, Christine McKnight, a resident of Wallaga Lake where this story is set. Many will know her from the Cobargo Preschool. In creating Cecile the Seal, she has fulfilled her dream of writing a children’s book and we hope many more will follow.

The story is set in and around Wallaga … Read more »

Book Overview 

Heather O’Connor

I wrote the monthly book review for The Triangle for about fifteen years. I have never studied literature, so none of the reviews contained any great insights or analysis. I could only write as a very keen reader. 

The arrangement was a dream for me. I got to pick a new book every month, the overwhelming majority being bought from Candelo Books in Bega, my favourite bookshop outside Melbourne. … Read more »

The Good Wife of Bath: A (Mostly) True Story 

reviewed by Wendy Tucker

The Good Wife of Bath: A (Mostly) True Story

Karen Brooks 

This is Karen Brooks’s fourteenth novel of historical fiction with a focus on women’s work, ranging from chocolate makers to brewers and bawds. Her novels have often been assigned to the romance genre and this does both the author and the novels a disservice and has excluded the wider readership they deserve. 

But not so with The Good Wife of Bath that has been widely … Read more »