My Triangle, our long-lived and much-loved column, is a profile of a local person, or couple, or sometimes even a family. We’ve gone through the archives to present them all here – stories of our neighbours, friends, families, customers, storekeepers … we hope you enjoy them anew.

Danny and Riahana Fuller

My Triangle 2019.06

Meet the Fullers

People come to live in the Triangle region for all sorts of reasons. A couple arrives to live the dream by the sea for a short time before returning to the city for ‘proper work’. Or retirees make the shift to downsize and live a quieter life. But when three generations move in, that’s something else! Danny and Riahana Fuller with Ethan (12), Kane (8) and Ben (4), along … Read more »

Linda Chapman: a profile of a priest

My Triangle 2019.05

A small table, softly moving leaves, flecking dappled light, a large ginger biscuit shared and a conversation with a quietly remarkable woman. Reverend Linda Chapman is a priest, a contemplative and an activist. She is the spiritual guide at the Open Sanctuary at Tilba Tilba. She is humble, deep, warm, immersed and focused, with a penetrating mind, soft smile and fiercely compassionate heart.

It was an unpredicted path that led Linda to this place in life—a priest ‘at … Read more »

Ivana Gattagna

My Triangle 2019.04

Just the beginning of a love affair

Like many people here, Ivana Gattagna found her heart overriding her head and the next thing she knew, she’d bought a block of land and embarked on the exhilarating, at times exhausting, process of building a home on one of the most beautiful places on the east coast of Australia. This was only the beginning of Ivana’s love affair with the Triangle area.

How did … Read more »

Diana Holmes, card shark

My Triangle 2019.03

I’ll never forget the first time I met Diana Holmes. It was Fair day at the Quaama Hall and as part of the QPA, I was busy putting out lunch from the Hall kitchen. Suddenly there was laughter and lightness and I turned around to meet Diana, up to her elbows in soapy water, not just with a smile but with a sparkle and cheer that was absolutely infectious.

Di’s now a … Read more »

‘Thank You for the Music’—Lori and Gerry Hammerton

My Triangle 2019.02

When you mention the name Hammerton in Bermagui, most people immediately think of music.

Lori and Gerry are well known around Bermagui for their community volunteering activities. They have both lived in the Bega Valley since the early 80s. Lori is a registered nurse and lived and worked in Bega for many years, not only nursing but in a host of other occupations as well. Gerry came to Bega to work in … Read more »

Meet Nolan Mahoney and Kirsty Furbank

My Triangle 2018.12

Camel Rock Surf School is open and here to stay! Living the dream … but it’s a serious business—serious about introducing more people to the beauty of our oceans and hopefully a lifetime of fitness and respect for the sea. What a fantastic addition to our Triangle area to have our own surf school!

Nolan came from California originally, and has been an Aussie for the past nine years. He has studied … Read more »