My Triangle, our long-lived and much-loved column, is a profile of a local person, or couple, or sometimes even a family. We’ve gone through the archives to present them all here – stories of our neighbours, friends, families, customers, storekeepers … we hope you enjoy them anew.

Yuin Kelly

MY TRIANGLE 2006.05.01

How long have you lived in the Triangle?

Forever in my heart, sometimes I’ve travelled away but I always come back.

Where in the Triangle area do you live?

At Umbarra Cultural Centre.

What is your favourite landmark?

It would have to be Gulaga, I have strongly identified with her always, even as a child before I understood the spiritual connection.

What does the Gulaga Biamanga handback mean to you?

Freedom. Our people have some freedom to make some decisions about our sacred places. Our women and … Read more »