Nicky Simpson: Earth Mother and Specialist Plumber

My Triangle 2008.12
Nicky came to live in Central Tilba at the age of 14 with her parents, Simon and Linda Simpson. After completing high school in Narooma she set off to travel the world and, in her words, ‘to find somewhere better than Tilba’. After many years (approx 14) and many jobs and experiences in which she became a jack (jill?) of all trades and a master of none, she and hubby Ian (Hoots to some) settled in Central Tilba. She had found nowhere better!
Nicky (at 32 years of age) and Hoots settled on two five-year plans. The first was to have their children. They now have four beautiful kids under the age of six. Hoots boasts a better batting average than Sir Don Bradman, with four kids from three attempts. They first had two boys, Digger and Archie and then on that third attempt had twin daughters, Anwen and Cerys (Welsh names meaning ‘beautiful’ and ‘beloved’ respectively). The second plan was to work hard and get settled as a family with a home mortgage well under control and to offer their children a secure and loving community environment in which to grow up.
At present Nicky is halfway through her midwifery training externally at the University of South Australia, with her regular placements at Moruya Hospital. She hopes to get back to study next year as presently she is very, very busy with her boys and babes, while Hoots is up in Darwin earning more money on building jobs than he could possibly earn locally.
Their family time happens at intervals of a few weeks, with Hoots flying back from Darwin. Nicky adds that this would perhaps not be possible without the close support of Simon and Linda, in their doting grand-parenting roles. Nicky adds as well that she wonders whether Simon is teaching his grandkids too much too soon. The implication seems to be that Linda is okay. For those of you who do not know, Hoots is a plumber as well. Nicky says he looks after house plumbing and she looks after women’s plumbing.
When I asked Nicky what was special for her living in the Triangle, she replied ‘it’s about a special sense of belonging and community spirit helping to raise children; extended families offering more than busy families are capable of and a simplicity of living’. Central Tilba School also got a special mention.
When I finally asked Nicky were there any plans in the pipeline for more children, she replied, ‘No, that has recently been attended to!’
Ewen Genders