My Triangle, our long-lived and much-loved column, is a profile of a local person, or couple, or sometimes even a family. We’ve gone through the archives to present them all here – stories of our neighbours, friends, families, customers, storekeepers … we hope you enjoy them anew.

Yuin Kelly

MY TRIANGLE 2006.05.01

How long have you lived in the Triangle?

Forever in my heart, sometimes I’ve travelled away but I always come back.

Where in the Triangle area do you live?

At Umbarra Cultural Centre.

What is your favourite landmark?

It would have to be Gulaga, I have strongly identified with her always, even as a child before I understood the spiritual connection.

What does the Gulaga Biamanga handback mean to you?

Freedom. Our people have some freedom to make some decisions about our sacred places. Our women and our … Read more »