Yuin Kelly

MY TRIANGLE 2006.05.01

How long have you lived in the Triangle?

Forever in my heart, sometimes I’ve travelled away but I always come back.

Where in the Triangle area do you live?

At Umbarra Cultural Centre.

What is your favourite landmark?

It would have to be Gulaga, I have strongly identified with her always, even as a child before I understood the spiritual connection.

What does the Gulaga Biamanga handback mean to you?

Freedom. Our people have some freedom to make some decisions about our sacred places. Our women and our men can identify spiritually the choices we can make for our environment.

What do you think could be improved in the Triangle?

More sense of Community. A single-mindedness for everyone who lives within this special place.

What’s the best thing for you about being here?

The privilege of being part of this Community.

If you could live anywhere in the Triangle where would you choose?

Around the perimeter of the mountain, to feel her closeness, her breath, like a chick nestling around the mother hen.

What’s your favourite book?

Ruby Langford’s Deadly. It’s the story of an Aboriginal mother, her struggle and survival.

Who is your hero/heroine?

There could be several choices here but I’ll have to pick Charlie Perkins for his courage, in doing the things he did in the times he achieved them.