Cecile the Seal

by Christine McKnight

Reviewed by Georgina Adamson

This month, just for a change, we are reviewing a children’s book written by local author, Christine McKnight, a resident of Wallaga Lake where this story is set. Many will know her from the Cobargo Preschool. In creating Cecile the Seal, she has fulfilled her dream of writing a children’s book and we hope many more will follow.

The story is set in and around Wallaga Lake and concerns a local identity, Cecile the Seal, and the people who meet her. It’s about how we should respect wildlife and learn how to protect them, and what to do when you do find an animal.

I won’t give too much away, but, the people who meet Cecile want to feed her, but with human food and that is not very good for animals living in the wild … even though we like it.

The drawings, or illustrations are beautiful and you may recognise some of the places around here where we live. They are done by Jude Walker, a fine artist who has illustrated a number of children’s books and is well known in the local community from when she lived at Dignams Creek.

One of the reasons I enjoyed the book so much is that it is such a simple story, but with a serious message about how we look after wildlife.

Recently there has been a seal living in and around the Bermagui Harbour. Maybe you have seen it? This seal also needs to be protected from humans, and dogs as well. Sometimes when he’s come on shore to sun-bake, a fence was put around him to keep him safe. Also to keep people safe. He got a bit angry when they came too close!

Maybe you could read this review to a child in your life to see if they would like a copy of the book? It’s available at Well Thumbed Bookshop and the Bermagui Information Centre or Library.

If you have a story about an animal in the wild that you know, why don’t you send it to The Triangle and we could put it in the paper.