Stepping into spring

Keith Mundy

With spring now with us I thought it opportune to discuss some issues that are most relevant to this period in the gardening calendar. Plants expend an enormous amount of energy in spring doing their things, like flowering and developing their fruit, or extending their size through new growth. Now is the time to help them along with some additional nutrients.

There are … Read more »

Spring … it’s just around the corner

by Keith Mundy The Spires Nursery Tilba Tilba

Well, here we are with spring just around the corner and, with it, the start of the gardening year. New growth appears on deciduous plants, perennials wake from their enforced winter hibernation and bulbs pop up everywhere as new life begins. 

The next couple of months involves many tasks in the garden including the preparation and planting of the spring vegetable garden, planting of flowering annuals and the completion of … Read more »

Food for our friends

Keith Mundy

With winter well and truly with us, thought should be given to not only brightening up your garden with some winter-flowering shrubs but also providing some plants to provide food for our native birds. In most cases, Australian native plants will provide most of the requirements to sustain our birds
through the harshness of winter. There are many genera of plants … Read more »

No time to chill out

Keith Mundy

Welcome to another winter with the ground at saturation point after so much rain in our local area that, in turn, should be a great start to spring in three months. Deciduous plants are starting to commence their winter dormancy that, in turn, leads to many tasks in the garden that need to be completed before winter sets in.

During this month with plants going into dormancy, pruning should commence in the rose … Read more »

Herbs for all seasons

Keith Mundy

With the ever-increasing demand for food to be labelled with the origin of the supply, one sure method of knowing the location of where it is grown, is to grow your own.
With the desire to try new and exciting taste sensations a great way of doing this is to use the amazing number of herbs that are available to us that are easily grown in our own … Read more »

Trees – for the future

Keith Mundy 

Continuing on from last month’s theme of autumn, April is usually the month that we start to notice the beautiful colours of the autumn trees that are dotted around the countryside with shades of vivid yellows, oranges and reds highlighting the gardens that they adorn. Not only are autumn trees grown for their beautiful colours but just as importantly they are also grown for summer shade. 

Care should be taken with the selection of these plants as … Read more »