What’s in a name?

Mark Evans

As gardeners, we should all try and learn the botanical names of our plants as well as their common names. The reason is that because the same common name sometimes applies to multiple plants and, conversely, a single plant may have multiple common names! Knowing the botanical name helps to remove any confusion, especially when you are talking to other plant lovers.

Each botanical name is unique to that species and is composed of two, (usually) Latin … Read more »

Feed the soil not the plants!

by Mark Evans

The soil is the most important part of any garden. Not only does it provide a place for the plants to anchor their roots and gain structural support, but it is also the plant’s source of water and nutrients. Ideally, a good soil will be deep and friable and loaded with organic matter and humus.

Organic matter is essentially the waste and remains of plants or animals. Its … Read more »

Pondering Precipitation

The warmest month of the year seems like an opportune time to discuss the wettest thing in the garden. After the soaking we got in October, one would have thought that the world would never dry out, and then the relentless wind throughout November had us all reaching for the hoses as December arrived. The cracks in the ground expanded and our plants began to wilt, be they planted in … Read more »

Tasks for summer

Keith Mundy

After many years providing gardening information to all in The Triangle, I have decided to hang up my quill and allow another expert an opportunity to provide information that will assist you in your gardening tasks. This, therefore, is my last contribution to The Triangle.

I will still be at our nursery in Tilba Tilba every day to help you with any plant selection and advice that you require.

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Going Potty

Keith Mundy   

With the ever-increasing use of our outdoor spaces, the use of pots as a solution for growing plants is becoming far greater than in previous times, and the opportunity is right to offer some hints on how to successfully manage this form of gardening.

Probably the most important initial issue is to decide what do you want the pots and the plants to achieve? Are they to be used for growing … Read more »

Trees – a shady subject

Keith Mundy

A subject in the press and on the minds of many concerned people worldwide is global warming and how we can assist in attempting to solving this very serious problem.

The planting of trees will go a long way to addressing the problem. Trees are one of the most important components of any landscape as they provide protection from the elements, add structure to a garden and provide habitat for wildlife.

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