Garden recovery after the fires

Keith Mundy

With the recent bushfire heavily impacting our lives, our homes and our gardens, I have been asked by many of our friends and customers how to help their gardens recover.

Although some might think there are more important things to do, remember that our gardens are our retreat when we need some time out, and it is crucial that we put them back to somewhere as close as they were, prior to the fires.
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Seasonal progression

As we progress through autumn there are many things that we could be doing to assist our gardens in preparation for the cool winter months.
If you haven’t commenced your winter vegetable garden you must get things into the ground post haste and let things establish before the soil starts to cool down.

The soil should be dug over to a depth of 250mm and added to the soil at this time, a generous amount of animal manure forked through with the addition of some garden lime, say three to four handfuls per square metre.

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Autumn colour and food for thought

Keith Mundy

With the Covid-19 isolation rules in place, what better time to have a look around our gardens and take note that the garden can be as beautiful in the throes of late autumn/winter as during the warmer seasons of spring and summer.

The cooler months bring with them the beautiful structure of the near-bare trees—their interesting shapes and bark colours as they drop their final autumn leaves and the first frosts cloak them in a … Read more »

Summer tips

Keith Mundy

Summer is with us again, and with it come the many tasks required to keep our gardens looking their best, and hopefully, this year, not as tragic as last summer.
Although we have had some amazing rain, and more forecast to come during the summer, there will still be a requirement to water the garden, whether garden beds, lawns, or pots.
Garden beds require a good soaking at least every 7-10 days using a sprinkler and not a handheld spray. Watering with a handheld spray is … Read more »


Keith Mundy

Gardeners will always tell you they have certain favourites in the plant world, and nurserymen, although spoilt for choice, will also have a group of plants that appeal to them. Without a doubt, some of my favourites are salvias, with their extraordinary diversity of colour and habit—over 1800 species alone, without new varieties that are added almost all the time. Already this year there have been several new varieties released, and they are … Read more »

The home orchard

Keith Mundy

With the increasing need for self-sustainability, and a move back to the home orchard, you should consider several things to achieve success.
Fruit trees come in many shapes, forms, and varieties, and their individual requirements are important for successful growth, great crops, and a personal satisfaction that you are self-sufficient.
Firstly, sunlight and adequate space is of paramount importance when making your selection. Many trees like apples and … Read more »