Keith Mundy

Gardeners will always tell you they have certain favourites in the plant world, and nurserymen, although spoilt for choice, will also have a group of plants that appeal to them. Without a doubt, some of my favourites are salvias, with their extraordinary diversity of colour and habit—over 1800 species alone, without new varieties that are added almost all the time. Already this year there have been several new varieties released, and they are … Read more »

The home orchard

Keith Mundy

With the increasing need for self-sustainability, and a move back to the home orchard, you should consider several things to achieve success.
Fruit trees come in many shapes, forms, and varieties, and their individual requirements are important for successful growth, great crops, and a personal satisfaction that you are self-sufficient.
Firstly, sunlight and adequate space is of paramount importance when making your selection. Many trees like apples and … Read more »

Nature’s carpet   

Keith Mundy

Welcome to spring and how good has the rain been! For once we will be ensured of a great spring and optimum growing conditions in our gardens.

A lot of gardens will have a lovely selection of low to mid and then tall plants in the landscape, but we often forget about the groundcover plants that can be planted amongst these taller plants to provide an infill over the soil.

Groundcovers come in … Read more »

The last throes of winter       

Keith Mundy

Well here we are with winter nearly over and after some very much appreciated rain it feels like spring is just around the corner. New growth appears on deciduous plants, perennials wake after their enforced winter hibernation, and bulbs pop up everywhere as new life begins.
For those who had the misfortune to have lost their gardens in the fires, now is a great time to commence the restoration of your garden to take advantage of the warmer spring conditions ahead.
Pruning of deciduous fruit trees and roses should be close to being completed. Winter spraying … Read more »

Nature’s air purifiers

Keith Mundy

With the recent devastating fires in our area, many beautiful gardens were destroyed and, along with them, some beautifully established shade trees, the natural umbrellas of our gardens.

It’s important in the re-establishment of our gardens that we consider replacing these essential components of the landscape, and during these winter months many of these trees are available in nurseries.

In making your selection, consideration of the eventual … Read more »

Winter work

Keith Mundy

It seems like only yesterday we were struggling with the heat and bushfires and now here we are in another winter. This time of the year brings with it many tasks in the garden, to rejuvenate plants and catch up with the jobs that were missed during the warmer months, for one reason or another.

This month, with plants going into dormancy, start pruning in the rose garden and orchard.
… Read more »