The Heart Goes Last

Margaret Atwood, The Heart Goes Last, Bloomsbury $32.99 (December 2015) 

Lucky for us, Margaret Atwood is still turning them out. Fifty-five publications to date: fiction, poetry, essays and children’s books. I have always enjoyed the work of this Canadian author, especially her futuristic stories such as The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake.

The Heart Goes Last tells a similar story of an horrific future age of economic collapse and high tech solutions. For some it is a life of poverty and crime while others nestle into the security of a model town. This book is not a sci-fi fantasy but a marvellous jigsaw of utopia and age old human emotions. People still cheat and Elvis still lives. The many twists and turns leave the reader, like the characters, not knowing what to believe. Always there is a lurking horror and the really creepy stuff actually creates a happy ending.

A very easy read, funny and scary. The Heart Goes Last will renew your faith (or despair) in the longevity of humanity and make you paranoid.