My Triangle 2007.04.25

Chester has lived in the Triangle area on and off for about 54 years. Many Tilba locals would remember Donny, Ned and Chester all living up on Donny’s farm, Mt Pleasant, and when I asked Chester how long that was, he said, “Well you remember Samantha (the dog)? I remember Donny getting her from the Deer Farm as a pup and she was 23 when she died”. Chester lived in Balgownie (he was known as one of ‘The Balgownie Boys’) and worked at the Coalcliff Coal Mine, which closed in 1982. He belonged to the Mt Pleasant (Wollongong) Sports, Social and Fishing Club and “about 30 of us used to camp at Mystery Bay at Christmas and Easter time. We were once there for 28 weeks when the miners were on strike”, said Chester.


What do you like about living in the Triangle?

I like the people, Pam’s verandah and the whole countryside.


What funny or strange sights have you seen in The Triangle?

Two I remember in particular. The day Mick Preo was planning a burn off on his family dairy farm, Mountain Valley. Mick refused all offers of help including ringing the Bush Fire Brigade to oversee. Mick said, “I’ll be alright”- until the wind changed direction. There was Mick hot-footing it across the paddock (with the cinders catching the top of his socks) trying to reach the tractor before the fire did. He made it as the fire did but had to keep running to save himself while the tractor burnt. The other one was when Bob and Judy Finch were looking after The Dromedary Hotel for the owners and were having a fancy-dress night. They were dressing Bob up as a sheila and three blokes were trying to get Bob into a pair of thin ladies pantyhose. The same three blokes then had to try and get him out of them!


What do you like to cook and eat at home?

I hate cooking. So I usually cook up a big pot of stew or soup, so it can last me a few days.


Who would you like to be with on a long journey?

Pete, Judith and Zac (the previous owners of Pam’s Store and their little dog).