Truffle ice cream

Fiona Kotvojs
Gulaga Gold, Dignams Creek

300 ml milk
Pinch salt
½ cup caster/pure icing sugar (not icing sugar mixture)
10 g grated truffle
2 eggs
300 ml cream

Method: 12-24 hours before making the ice cream start infusing the cream with truffle flavour. To do this, combine the cream and truffle. Refrigerate and allow to infuse for 12-24 hours. Then whisk the eggs. Combine milk, salt and sugar in a saucepan. Warm the milk mixture but do not boil. Pour the milk mixture into the eggs stirring as you combine them. Then pour the milk and egg mixture back into saucepan and heat, stirring continuously until the mixture thickens (it will coat a spoon). Remove from heat and allow to cool. Then refrigerate and chill thoroughly, preferably overnight. When ready to churn the ice cream, add cream and truffle mix and whisk in with a wire whisk. Pour into ice cream churn and churn according to churn instructions. Then freeze.