Sorrel Soup    

Ann Holub
This recipe is as my Ukrainian mother-in-law showed me. The amounts are just really what you have – more or less sorrel depending on how yours has grown. The chicken is optional.
Pick and wash sorrel, cut out stems and cut leaves into 3 cm pieces. Leave aside to drain.
Use chicken or vegetable stock. Boil 4 chicken drum sticks or chicken thighs. When cooked take out and cut meat into bite size pieces and put back into stock with 2 diced potatoes (1cm pieces) and 1 grated carrot. Bring back to boil until soft.
Then put sorrel into pot – it will turn a dark green/grey colour.
To serve, dice hardboiled egg or eggs into small pieces and sprinkle over bowls of soup, with a dob of sour cream. If it’s not sour enough for your taste, add a squeeze of lemon juice.