Prawns with Mango Salsa

Linda Sang

Something easy, no fuss, no cooking for the season’s gathering of friends and family? Or just a celebration of summer? How about prawns with mango salsa? Choose Australian cooked king prawns or, if you’re lucky, buy local school prawns from a roadside van. They’re a bit fiddly to prepare but well worth the effort with the reward of sweet little morsels.
Even better still, try catching them yourself with friends, flashlights, nets and buckets on a moonless night in summer. Ask a local for the best spots on the lake. It’s an absolute hoot. Last year was my first time and we caught next to nothing but had a hilarious time. Maybe better hunting this year.

To make the Mango Salsa, mix together the diced (small) flesh of two mangoes, 2 tbsp of sweet chilli sauce, 2 tbsp of fresh lime juice and 2 tbsp of fresh chopped coriander. It will keep for a day in the fridge. Also good with fish, poultry or just a yummy salad partner.
Allow as many prawns as your budget dictates.