Fired-up ginger and honey cocktail


½ cup runny honey
½ cup water
1 knob ginger, cut into 5cm pieces
2 shots vodka or gin
1 shot fresh lemon juice
1 egg white


First, place the honey and water into a small saucepan on very low heat. Drop in some pieces of ginger and warm together to melt honey and infuse. 

Cook for 5 minutes to really bring the flavours out. Set aside to cool. 

You will need ½ a shot of the honey syrup for the cocktail. You can keep the rest in the fridge in a jar until you need it.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and chill 2 cocktail dish style glasses.

Thread the leftover simmered ginger onto cocktail skewers and get 2 lemon rind twists ready.

Pour all the cocktail ingredients into your shaker along with ½ a shot of honey syrup and shake thoroughly to mix well and froth the egg white. 

Strain into chilled glasses and serve with a skewer of ginger.