Ellie’s Caramel Slice

I have been asked to feature three of my special recipes. Currently in our lockdown and after going through the bushfires and trying to keep our lovely store in Quaama operating, I offer you a little insight. I am a country girl born and bred on Monaro. These recipes are dedicated to our ancestors and to my love of cooking.

Prepare your slice tin with a light spray of canola oil and line with baking paper. Prepare the base which consists of 1 cup of self raising flour, 1 cup of coconut and 1/2 cup brown sugar and 250 grams of melted butter.
Press gently into the tin and bake at 200 degrees C for about 8 mins.
Remove from oven and prepare the filling 1 tin of condensed milk with 2 good tablespoons of golden syrup add one tablespoon of butter.
Cook slowly until the butter is melted. Do not overcook the mixture.
When the butter is melted add the mixture to the base.
Cook for 15 mins at 200c and remove to cool.
Melt 125g dark cooking chocolate with 1 teaspoon of butter either in the microwave for 2 mins on defrost or over boiling water and spread on the cooled slice.