Chinese Food –  Chow Mein

from Georgie Adamson’s parents’ days

This was a pretty exotic dish introduced to the family menu.

1 lb minced steak

½ cabbage, sliced thinly

1 lb beans cut small, 4 stalks celery, 2 medium onions, all cut small.

1 packet Continental chicken noodle soup

1 dessertspoon curry powder

3 cups water

Melt 1dessertspoon butter in saucepan or frying pan. Brown mince steak and season. Add water, soup and all vegs. Cook 20 mins. Add 2 dessertspoon rice when it starts to cook. Can add anything else, chicken, prawns, ham …

(This makes a good lot. I cook longer than 20 mins, beans and cabbage seem to need it.)

This was obviously a popular recipe as it was well used and ‘sticky taped’ together.From Georgie Adamson’ parents