Trees – for the future

Keith Mundy 

Continuing on from last month’s theme of autumn, April is usually the month that we start to notice the beautiful colours of the autumn trees that are dotted around the countryside with shades of vivid yellows, oranges and reds highlighting the gardens that they adorn. Not only are autumn trees grown for their beautiful colours but just as importantly they are also grown for summer shade. 

Care should be taken with the selection of these plants as many … Read more »

Glorious autumn

by Keith Miundy

Well, here we are heading into the cooler months of the year again and let’s not forget that the garden can be as beautiful in the throes of late autumn/winter as during the warmer seasons of spring and summer.

The cooler months bring with it the beautiful colours of deciduous trees with their interesting shapes and bark colours as they commence to enter the wintering phase. There’s no better time than now to see the amazing … Read more »

Great Grevillea

Keith Mundy

Heading into winter, I thought it timely to again talk about the genus of native plants that is probably the most widely grown in Australian gardens and that is Grevillea.
The plants in this amazing group come in many forms, from genuine species to varieties that have been developed by hybridisation where, usually, several plants have been crossed to select a plant that has all the good attributes of its parents. This hybridisation can … Read more »

Amazing Autumn

Keith Mundy

As a nurseryman, and one who is addicted to plants, I thought I’d share with you some of the plants I consider to be an absolute necessity in any garden – whether a garden of natives or introduced plants.

One of my all-time favourites is the genus of Cotinus (smoke bush). These beautiful deciduous plants come in a range of foliage colours from lime green through to reddish purple and all with an amazing plume-like panicle of flowers … Read more »

The gardener’s palette

Keith Mundy

With the cooler months of the year here again, our gardens can become somewhat drab and uninteresting after a long summer so consideration should be given to adding some colour to the garden. Autumn is the ideal time to do this as transpiration rates are lower and, with the recent good rain, there is less stress on the plants through the planting process.
Colour can be added with the use of flowering plants or by plants … Read more »

Seasonal progression

As we progress through autumn there are many things that we could be doing to assist our gardens in preparation for the cool winter months.
If you haven’t commenced your winter vegetable garden you must get things into the ground post haste and let things establish before the soil starts to cool down.

The soil should be dug over to a depth of 250mm and added to the soil at this time, a generous amount of animal manure forked through with the addition of some garden lime, say three to four handfuls per square metre.

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