Beetroot Chutney

by Lena Kuppens

2 kg beetroot, peeled and finely grated
1 cup raw sugar
500 ml red wine vinegar
1 tbsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp ground ginger
2 bay leave
pinch chilli flakes
pinch salt
fresh black pepper
Sterilise jars and lids.

Chuck everything into a nice big pan and heat gently till the sugar has completely dissolved. Cook for 25–30 minutes, or until the mixture is thick, glossy and jam like. Turn off the heat and leave for 5 min. Ladle into the sterilised jars and seal with the lids.

The chutney can be eaten immediately but it is best left for a couple of weeks to mature and allow the flavours to develop. Store in a cool, dark cupboard for up to a year. Keep in the fridge once opened.