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Tiny magic from Via Luna

Lena Kuppens

A few years ago we met some friends in the main street in Cobargo and started chatting on the kerbside. There was not really anywhere to go and hang out together.
That’s when we started developing the idea of setting up a place where we would like to get together with friends. Via Luna is the result.
The heart is the tiny kitchen and the surrounding garden is a place for all … Read more »

Stuart Cameron, weed warrior

Georgina Adamson

Stuart Cameron is an imposing figure of a man, softly spoken and not seen much around town but more likely to be found on a beach or in a piece of coastal bushland doing what he loves best – learning about and caring for the flora of our coastal region. ‘Gardening’ the natural environment requires as much work as any garden to keep it healthy and thriving and free of weeds.
He has learnt a lot since he … Read more »


Reviewed by Heather O’Connor
Marilynne Robinson
Virago Press $29.99

Recommended by Barack Obama as one of his top books for 2020. The rest of her fans have been eagerly awaiting this fourth in her Gilead series: Gilead, Home and Lila, each of which can be read as a stand-alone novel, but each is also an important part of the, not strictly sequential, series. Set in the late 1940s, the books centre on the Boughton and … Read more »

The gardener’s palette

Keith Mundy

With the cooler months of the year here again, our gardens can become somewhat drab and uninteresting after a long summer so consideration should be given to adding some colour to the garden. Autumn is the ideal time to do this as transpiration rates are lower and, with the recent good rain, there is less stress on the plants through the planting process.
Colour can be added with the use of flowering plants or by plants … Read more »



If the weather ever warms up, this famous cold soup from the south of Spain is a delicious way to enjoy the produce from your garden in elegant style.

Serves 4

1 sweet onion
1 kg very ripe tomatoes
2 red capsicums
2 Lebanese cucumbers, peeled
1 large clove garlic
Handful of basil leaves
2 tblspns sherry (or balsamic) vinegar
1/4 cup of olive oil
3/4 tspn … Read more »

Tomato Chutney

Linda Sang

A recipe I’ve used for years made more delicious if one is fortunate enough to harvest one’s own tomatoes or buy somebody’s hard work. Or even buy them from a supermarket – it’s all happening right now with tomatoes. This chutney is great with anything – tasty and zingy.

5 kg ripe tomatoes, peeled, deseeded
and drained the night before 
(method below)
7 diced onions – chopped … Read more »