Grevillea – a plant for all seasons

Keith Mundy

The genus of Grevillea has plants that suit a wide range of uses from groundcover to screening and from bird attraction to animal deterrent (prickly forms).

Much work has been done in the breeding of new varieties by hybridisation of certain parent plants that have a particular attribute like size, flower type, drought tolerance and so on. By crossing two plants with different special features a new variety is developed that has all the good features of its parents thus giving us a plant of exceptional value.

This … Read more »

A living carpet: ground covers

Keith Mundy

With winter well and truly here and with those cold and blustery winds that seem to come directly off the snow chilling us to the bone, what better time to sit by the fire and do some planning for the upcoming warmer months in the garden.

This month and next I will look at some individual categories of garden plants that not only add beauty to the garden but also … Read more »

Winter pruning

Keith Mundy

Winter is well and truly here and the time is right to catch up with pruning of roses, fruit trees and many other deciduous plants in the garden that need to be done to form new wood for future flowers and fruiting.

It is important to remember that pruning too early while the sa
p is still flowing can cause the plant to stress with “bleeding” and also allows disease to enter these … Read more »

A herb for all seasons

Keith Mundy

With the ever-increasing demand for food to be labelled with the origin of the supply, one sure method of knowing where it is grown is to grow your own.

A great way of doing this, with the bonus of trying new and exciting taste sensations, is to use the amazing number of herbs that can be grown easily in our own backyards.

Herbs are tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions and they grow well with very little maintenance. However, for the best results it … Read more »

Colouring your winter garden

Keith MundyABELIA3

During the cooler months of the year leading into spring our gardens can become somewhat drab and uninteresting. Consideration to adding some colour to the garden not only makes the garden look great, but lifts our spirits on the cold damp months of winter. Colour can be added by the use of flowering plants or by plants that retain their leaves and have a colour other than green.

Start with annuals that can be either planted in pots or in the ground, these give instant colour and … Read more »

Wonderful winter

Keith Mundypruning1

Well here we are well into another winter and the time is right to catch up with many tasks in the garden that need to be done to rejuvenate plants and attend to jobs that we missed during the warmer months.

During this month it is a good time to commence pruning in the rose garden and orchard as most of these plants will now be dormant. Up until now, with the unseasonal warm autumn weather, it has been a bit early to prune with the sap … Read more »