Mistakes on October ‘Fridge Door’

Keen observers will have noticed that many of the listings in the ‘Regular Events’ section on the back page are incorrect – venues and times are correct but the days are wrong. We’re too late to correct the print version but the online copy of your October Triangle is now correct. We will try to contact the organisations concerned to alert them as soon as possible. In the meantime, our sincere apologies.

Check the correct version Fridge Door October 2018

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Bermagui Preschool’s Moodji Cultural Garden

The book Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe puts forward a compelling argument for the reconsideration of the hunter-gather label for pre-colonial Aboriginal Australians. The evidence insists that Aboriginal people right across the continent were using domesticated plants, sowing, harvesting, irrigating and storing. Living in permanent dwellings, with meeting places, connected by paths and the use of simple equipment such as fishing traps, storage structures, and water craft is well documented in this book and other sources of research.

The Bermagui Preschool Moodji Cultural Garden aims to provide an alternative understanding of our rich Australian history and correct the misconceptions and skewed views of our history as presented to us by colonial explorers. We hope that our children and families will learn that the Yuin people did build houses and dams, sow, irrigate and till the land, sew clothes and build fishing traps, bags and baskets. There existed a pan-continental government that generated peace and prosperity, with rich and vibrant languages, laws and trade systems, ceremonies and traditions.

It is envisaged the Bermagui Preschool Cultural Garden will include the following:
an agricultural space where children can grow crops traditionally farmed in this region including yams, oat grass, native grains, native rice and bush tucker. This space will include examples of irrigation systems and game farming. Opportunities to make and use traditional baskets and bags for gathering bush tucker, to use traditional tools to harvest crops and to bake traditional damper and simple bread and learn about game farming will be created.

Traditional aquaculture will be explored by creating irrigation systems and dam walls, as well as building fish traps and watercraft. Traditional housing, paths, meeting places, fire spaces, storage structures, shade shelters and totems will be installed, creating places where children can play and learn.

In consultation with Yuin elders, a focus on teaching Yuin language, law, trade systems, ceremonies and traditions will be encouraged in this cultural space.

Bermagui Preschool

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Meet Marvin and Otis

Oh no! Technical problems late last month meant that we missed our Pet of the Month for September. But don’t despair, here are a couple of gorgeous pups ready for new forever-homes.

Marvin (pictured left) is very outgoing and loving, is good with cats, kids, other dogs and all people. He knows basic manners and with a little more training he would be a perfect dog. His brother Otis is more of a ‘laid back, go with the flow’ boy who enjoys his cuddles and alone time with his female human (he is a little wary of men at the moment). They both enjoy playtime outside romping around in the grass with other dogs.

Call Animal Welfare League FSC Branch on 0400 372 609. You can also check the Facebook page to see who else needs a home at the moment.

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Sonny Burgess of Cobargo aces Bird Olympics

Sonny Burgess of Year 6 at Cobargo Public School was the overall winner of last month’s Sapphire Coast Learning Community Bournda Bird Olympics. This award will reside at Cobargo Public School for the next year and his achievement will be engraved on the shield.

Supported by his mum and dad, Sonny aced the criteria—identifying bird species, feathers, beaks, identifying bird calls, scientific names and general knowledge from a field of around 30 students. More impressive were the bird calls Sonny could perform. His repertoire included the baby magpie, adult magpie, the little corella and the yellow tailed black cockatoo.

Click here to go to the Bega District News site and scroll to the end of the page to see and hear Sonny in action.

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Author talk not happening

In this month’s issue (June 2018) we mentioned a talk by the author Robyn De Crespigny on Saturday 22 June. This event will not be running. That particular talk happened as part of the Refugee Week last year.

All other events are going ahead as written, such as the film at the Fun House in Bega on 22 June at 6.30pm.

Apologies for any inconvenience.
The Triangle

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Historic Cobargo Pool photos

Check out these photos that Jim found, from 1968 when locals got together to build the Cobargo Pool. Can anyone identify these men?

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Christmas-in-July Trivia Night! Saturday 22 July

Take away the winter chills, put on your winter ‘thinking cap’ and celebrate Christmas in July with a Christmas Trivia Night of fun and prizes. You’re invited to the Cobargo Hotel on Saturday 22 July, starting at 6.15 pm for the Quiz.

Purchase a delicious traditional Christmas two-course meal on the Hotel menu from 5.30 pm.

Christmas Trivia will cost $5.00 per person. Pre-book your table by phoning Pam 6493 6419 or Beth 0428 696 623.

Money raised will go to the community via the Cobargo Tourist and Business Association and be put towards village signage and other projects.

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The EDO’s Sue Higginson: solastalgia, subplots and lawfare

Trials and tribulations: Sue Higginson spoke of her work with the Environmental Defenders Office at Il Passaggio in February.

NSW Environmental Defenders Office CEO Sue Higginson paints a picture of EDO lawyers, haggard and caffeinated, racing between their office on Clarence Street and the Land and Environment Court on Macquarie Street, chasing “mining companies with the deepest pockets you can imagine” and “lawyers who lodge Notices of Motions at 1 am”.

It’s comical until you realise the gravity of the work. The Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) concentrates its resources on the cases that other lawyers don’t take on. Important public interest cases. Cases where there’ll be a lasting or permanent impact on the environment, where governments haven’t followed the law. Blowing the whistle, holding governments to account.

Continue reading

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My Wish

My Wish
(a poem by Danika Myers, aged 11, of Bermagui)


The terror and the hate

And the lives that have been lost

The screams and cries of war

I’d wish it all away.


I’d wish for love and prosperity

For hope and sunny days

I’d wish for peace and giving 

And loving all the way.


I’d give my WHOLE heart

To the big wide world

And I’d give to those with none

I’d make sure that they had more.


Hate replaced by tolerance

In a not too distant day

If I could have but one small wish

I’d wish the war away.

The Triangle is hosting a competition for schoolchildren this year. It’s sponsored by local engineering company AKT and the theme is “the environment”. Every month we’ll publish contributions from primary school-age readers, then at the end of the year there’ll be three prizes, awarded as follows: K-2, Years 3/4, and Years 5/6. Each winner will get $150.

Photos, drawings … poetry or prose … fiction or non-fiction, the choice is yours, guys. So get out your pencils or your cameras, your pens or tablets, and go outside and have a look around for some inspiration. Email your entries to environment@thetriangle.org.au or mail to PO Box 6009, Quaama, 2550.

We’ll be publishing some entries here on “Off the page” if there is no room for them in the paper.

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Bermagui Master Plan

Further to Frances Perkins’ article in the March 2017 issue about plans for renewing the Bermagui streetscape, here’s the Bermagui Master Plan.

And here are architect Philip Cox’s artist impressions of a future Lamont Street.

Lamont St colonnade proposed in Bermagui CBD Masterplan. Drawing by Philip Cox, March 2017

Close up of loggia under the Lamont St colonnade, CBD Masterplan. Drawing by Philip Cox, March 2017


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