Late summer harvest

The talk around the neighbourhoods and villages is that this summer has been slow to come. Not enough sunshine to ripen the figs. Too much rain splits the tomatoes. The season is late. Night-time temperatures remain stubbornly low. Despite the season’s vagaries there is still a wonderful abundance of fruits and vegetables available. The Triangle team celebrates this bounty with tried and true recipes.

Ruby Fruits
Georgina Adamson

I love this time of year with all the gorgeous seasonal stone fruit available and, apart from just eating them fresh, I love to make simple compotes that can be used in so many ways – over ice cream, in a tart or served with cake. So versatile and you can use any combination you have on hand.
I am loving the combination of plum, peach and rhubarb with the addition of berries stirred through at the end.
My method of poaching is very simple. Roughly chop the fruit, halves or quarters or even slices depending on the size of the fruit, sometimes I don’t even remove the stones, easier later to fish them out. Do not drown the fruit! I often use a good spoonful of a berry jam and a squeeze of lemon juice in with the fruit, cover tightly with a lid and cook on low, not for too long. Once simmering the fruit will be cooked in five to ten minutes. Remove from the heat and set aside …remember that it will keep cooking. Stir in berries, if using, at this stage.