Write for the Triangle

We are a community paper and we welcome local stories and photos from our readers. We love them and they make the Triangle our very own.

A few things to consider when submitting your stories:

1.     Please do not exceed 300 words except by prior arrangement.

2.     Photos should be sent as JPG attachments – NOT embedded in the the story. Please send original digital photos uncompressed so we have a large image to play with, and include a caption at the bottom of the article accompanying it.

3.     Please don’t send posters or flyers; we can’t use them. Instead, please write a few paragraphs about the event and be sure to include the date, time and venue, and a photo if available.

4.     Think about the headline. By the time we get to the end of the editorial meeting our creative vitality is pretty much used up.

5.     Send it to contributions@thetriangle.org.au before 22nd of the month prior to publication.

6.     If you would like your article to appear on this website, use the ‘Contact Us‘ page and we will be happy to talk about it further.