Trees – a shady subject

Keith Mundy, The Spires Nursery

With summer heading our way I thought it timely to once again talk about shade trees.

Trees are probably the most important component of the landscape as they provide protection from the elements, add structure to a garden and provide habitat for wildlife.

Trees come in many shapes and forms whether evergreen or deciduous, short or tall and narrow and wide.

Careful … Read more »

Prepare for spring 

Keith Mundy, The Spires Nursery 

Prepare for SpringWell here we are with winter nearly over and spring just around the corner and with it the start of the gardening year. New growth appears on deciduous plants, perennials wake after hibernation and bulbs pop up everywhere as new life begins. The next couple of months involves many tasks in the garden including the preparation and planting of the spring vegetable garden, planting of flowering annuals and the completion of late winter and early spring chores that need finalising before … Read more »

Colouring your winter garden

Keith MundyABELIA3

During the cooler months of the year leading into spring our gardens can become somewhat drab and uninteresting. Consideration to adding some colour to the garden not only makes the garden look great, but lifts our spirits on the cold damp months of winter. Colour can be added by the use of flowering plants or by plants that retain their leaves and have a colour other than green.

Start with annuals that can be either planted in pots or in the ground, these give instant colour … Read more »

Wonderful winter

Keith Mundypruning1

Well here we are well into another winter and the time is right to catch up with many tasks in the garden that need to be done to rejuvenate plants and attend to jobs that we missed during the warmer months.

During this month it is a good time to commence pruning in the rose garden and orchard as most of these plants will now be dormant. Up until now, with the unseasonal warm autumn weather, it has been a bit early to prune with the … Read more »

Sensational salvias

Keith Mundysalvias5

There has been an enormous amount of work been done in recent times by breeders to bring more of these fabulous perennials to the market place with new hybrids and many other species that have not been available before. With their extraordinary diversity of colour and habit over 1800 species with new varieties being added almost all the time, salvias are truly a gardeners’ delight providing rich and interesting rewards for every garden.

This spell binding genus has blues to rival the colours of the ocean … Read more »

Trees for the planet

Keith MundayGGpic4claretash

Continuing on from last months’ theme of autumn, April is usually the month that we start to notice the beautiful colours of the autumn trees that are dotted around the countryside: shades of vivid yellows, oranges and reds highlighting the gardens that they adorn.

Autumn trees are grown for their beautiful colours, but just as importantly they are also grown for summer shade.

Much care should be taken with the selection of these plants as many are very large trees with invasive roots and need a large parcel … Read more »