My Wish

My Wish
(a poem by Danika Myers, aged 11, of Bermagui)


The terror and the hate

And the lives that have been lost

The screams and cries of war

I’d wish it all away.


I’d wish for love and prosperity

For hope and sunny days

I’d wish for peace and giving 

And loving all the way.


I’d give my WHOLE heart

To the big wide world

And I’d give to those with none

I’d make sure that they had more.


Hate replaced by tolerance

In a not too distant day

If I could have but one small wish

I’d wish the war away.

The Triangle is hosting a competition for schoolchildren this year. It’s sponsored by local engineering company AKT and the theme is “the environment”. Every month we’ll publish contributions from primary school-age readers, then at the end of the year there’ll be three prizes, awarded as follows: K-2, Years 3/4, and Years 5/6. Each winner will get $150.

Photos, drawings … poetry or prose … fiction or non-fiction, the choice is yours, guys. So get out your pencils or your cameras, your pens or tablets, and go outside and have a look around for some inspiration. Email your entries to or mail to PO Box 6009, Quaama, 2550.

We’ll be publishing some entries here on “Off the page” if there is no room for them in the paper.

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