The Woman in the Grey Suit – A Triangle Whodunnit – Final episode by Sarah Gardiner

SE ABC news report

Wed. 2pm, 15 Aug, 2016

Inspector R Sole from NSW Police, Bermagui, released a statement today solving the mystery surrounding the discovery of the body of local Ms Grayston. Ms Grayston’s remains were found at Bermagui Country Club early last March.

Late this morning Miss Muriel Leech was charged with the murder of 42 year old Ms Grayston. Miss Leech confessed that at about 6pm, on Tuesday 5 March she lured Ms Grayston to the 16th hole of the golf course at the Club.

There, Miss Leech beat Ms Grayston over the head with Ms Grayston’s own 5 iron. Miss Leech had earlier taken the club from the ladies’ locker room. The fact that she took the golf club, along with a red stiletto, when she went to meet Ms Grayston, has been noted as evidence that Miss Leech’s actions were premeditated.

Miss Leech was apparently obsessed with Ms Grayston and her behaviour.

“She was always so full of energy, all that dancing, those shoes, her good works … she had the respect of the community, and, and … my poor cousin, poor Reg, he LOVED her!”

Miss Leech was later admitted to the Southern Area Mental Health Unit at Moruya Hospital.

During the investigation, Triangle local area Commander Inspector R Sole ascertained that Miss Muriel Leech and Reg Withers were distant cousins.

“Miss Leech had ‘a thing’ for her cousin, Reg,” explained Inspector Sole, “she was fiercely jealous of Ms Grayston but was also saddened at Ms Grayston’s behaviour towards her cousin. Ms Grayston didn’t appear to take Reg seriously. This further enraged Miss Leech.”

Many police hours went into the investigation including following suspected international leads and decrypting emails found on Ms Grayston’s computer. All to no avail. The acronyms and encrypted emails on Ms Grayston’s computer have since been more easily explained than by the theory of international political conspiracy: Ms Grayston’s cat, Midget, was a keen keyboard surfer. And the fortnightly appointments were automated emails sent from Campbell Page, Ms Grayston’s employment service provider.

Yes, Ms Grayston’s financial situation wasn’t as rosy as many assumed, she was in receipt of unemployment benefits. This explains the cash missing from her account. Ms Grayston did, however, scrape enough money together to travel to Brazil with her beloved tango class.

“After talking to her fellow travellers I learned, contrary to reports by Miss Leech, that Ms Grayston didn’t abandon the tour and she certainly did not run off with Signor Verde. Miss Leech invented this malicious story to discredit Ms Grayston to her cousin, Reg. So too did Miss Leech ‘invent’ Ms Grayston’s diary, leaving it to be found by CIB detectives. The description within of a sad and desperate Ms Grayston was more the personal tragedy of Miss Leech,” reported R Sole.

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