Those Finns are gonna party like it’s 999

Local property Heinola was transformed into a medieval playground on Saturday 16 July to celebrate Finnish Independence Day. Starting with the ‘bang’ of a rocket launch and ending with tires flung 80 metres or more into the sunset from a homemade catapult, this party was full of fun and surprises.

Soup and Finnish sandwiches accompanied the axe throwing competition, where you were given four hand axes to chuck at a stump to see who got the most in the middle. Then we moved onto a Finnish pastie called Piirakka while folks tried their hand at ‘slicing fruit‘ with the help of a pvc launch pipe, willing citrus trees and a home made sword.

Stuffed cabbage rolls and golf followed from the Heinola driving range then a delightful round of tricycle jousting to the main course of casserole, salmon, roasted meats and vegies. Yes, you heard it right. There was jousting. On a tricycle.

As if that weren’t enough for any living soul in one day, while waiting for cake, we all wandered down to the ultimate home made security device, the Trebuchet. While it looks just like any old catapult to me, this finely balanced piece of siege equipment uses a counterweight to gather enough gravity to fling HEAVY things into the paddock. Wow! A day to remember!



Tricycle jouster Stephen Wall hits the mark while his terrier, Boner, tags along.

Mr Fling, ready to hurl

Mr Fling, ready to hurl

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