Across the Nullabor on a Bike

It started as the seed of an idea over twelve months ago, the ultimate cycle adventure across the Nullabor Plain, West to East.  The seed grew into something bigger, cycling to raise awareness and funds for Nardy House, specifically money for landscaping and a sensory garden for permanent residents of the recently completed second section.

A date for the ride was set (3rd August 2014 – my 70th birthday), and the serious training began, my little legs pumping and growing stronger with each kilometre of my training rides.  Then the time arrived to live-up to expectations, not only mine but those of Nardy House and all the people I had spoken to about the ride – saying that I would complete the Nullabor crossing in ten to twelve days max., NO PRESSURE.

At the end of July, I and my support driver set off for Balladonia, Western Australia, the starting point for the ride which ended, some 880 kms later, in Nundroo, South Australia,  Yes, there are  hills across the Nullabor, there are also the challenges of very variable weather, strong Easterly cross-winds (nothing from the West despite this being the expected pattern for August), the endless convoys of road-trains, the grey-nomads (all with a wave) and what seemed to be hundreds of motor-cyclists – no time to take the eyes off the road.  The long black bitumen strip stretched towards the horizon endlessly for eleven consecutive days and then the roller-coaster hills of Yalata appeared and I knew the end was in sight.  After an average of 80 kms a day, it was a tired but elated cyclist that rolled in Nundroo Roadhouse to be greeted by two truckies with a donation and a hug.

To all the generous folk that encouraged me along the way, and supported my fund-raising effort thank you very much; the ten thousand dollars raised for Nardy House is an awesome result.  Would I do it again, you bet your life I would.

Gail Drury


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